What is an electric unicycle?
The Twin Wheel is a self-balancing electric unicycle. The actual wheel is an electric motor with a direct drive. In surrounding housing there is located the battery and the control electronics to keep the wheel always straight when switched on. So you have to keep only the balance laterally, similar to riding a bicycle.
How to speed up?
You simply lean forward. The more you do, the faster you drive.
How do you brake?
You simply lean back. If you're stopping and continuing leaning back, you can go backwards.
How far can you go?
It depends on the model, body weight and the route. With an Airwheel Q3 with 340Wh battery you candrive at varying terrain about 30 km far. (... The manufacturers often promise illusory ranges that can not be achieved in practice)
How fast can you drive?
Also this depends on the model. Most have a maximum speed of 18 km / h.
How heavy is a wheel?
The smallest wheel currently weighs 9 kg the heaviest 15 kg.
Where can I get information about the different models and manufacturers?
More information
We ourselves are twins but that's not the reason why we prefer the twin wheels among the electric unicycles. We have several years of experience with various different models of electric unicycles, available with single wheel and twin wheel. And we must say:
There exists a life before the discovery of twin wheels and a life after that!!!!
The life after is definetly a huge asset! Driving a twin wheel makes incredible fun and you can meet hundreds of smiling faces every day! You can rapidly get new contacts and get into conversation with all kinds of people.
As far as our experience goes, twin wheels have the following advantages:
easy learning how to drive
extremely slow driving and standing is possible
long distances can be covered comfortably
The range is significantly greater than that of the single-wheel models, since the twin wheels usually have installed a larger battery (at least in the models of Airwheel)
The quality of riding pleasure is "softer" because each wheel has a lower air pressure
Our recommendation is therefore at the moment the Q-series of Airwheel with a 340Wh battery!
With our Q3s we are often on city tours by major European cities, enjoy the beach promenade of Italy, Spain and the Canary Islands. In particular, we can recommend the wide promenade of Arenal and the Playa del Palma on Mallorca! There you can enjoy miles and miles driving along the sandy beaches.
Because twin wheel driving makes so much fun, we we have established contacts and are able to offer you electric unicycles of different kinds and manufacturers for a reasonable price. We cooperate with the Streetfarer GmbH. If you want to order there, then you can get an instant coupon code with which a lot of money can be saved.
Just send us an email and we'll give you the coupon code respectively the current price!
It will be far below the usual market price in most cases. ;-) When comparing prices on the Internet, please note the following: The prices include usually no transport costs, no taxes and no customs duties. Thus indicated price can increase quite rapidly by 40% !!!
Our prices are final. The wheels are shipped from Germany. You don't have to pay taxes and customs duties within the EU! You also have a repair service in a German workshop of professionals ... should anything go broken ... but this so far never happened. :-)